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Eye Lid Surgery

Problems with the eye lids can really affect your quality of life. Whether you are concerned with the appearance of your eyelids or you also have functional problems with the mechanics of your eye lids, Canyon Eye Associates has the expertise to help.


Ptosis has many presentations and causes but the basic problem is that one or both of the upper eye lids hang too low. This low lid position can block useful vision. Heavy lids can also cause eye strain and headaches as patients struggle to keep the lids elevated by using other muscles in the brow and forehead. Ptosis can often be repaired without patient surgery and restore normal lid function and position.


The skin on the upper and lower eyelids can become excessive and redundant. This is termed Dermatochalasis and can be associated with ptosis if it involves the upper lids. Dermatochalasis of the upper eyelids can block vision and surgical repair called blepharoplasty can restore a more normal function and appearance.


The eyelids are responsible for protecting the eyes. The lower eyelids can sometimes stop properly protecting the eyes and sometimes even injure the delicate ocular surface. An entropion is an abnormal turning of the lower eyelid towards the eye whith can redirect the eyelashes into the cornea. This can be a serious problem as it can lead to ulcerations and abrasions and leave the eye venerable to infection. Symptoms of entropion are often redness, pain, tearing and foreign body sensation. This can be serious and lead to scarring and vision loss. Surgical repair is typically very successful.


An ectropion is an abnormal lower lid position that results in a gap between the eyelid and the ocular surface. This can lead to improper protection and lubrication of the eye. Symptoms of ectropion include pain, irritation, redness, and tearing. Surgery can repair this abnormal lid position and restore normal function.

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